Friday, August 10, 2007

Television Review: WooTBASH.

As you assuredly know, back in July I made a post mocking the contestants on this season of Who Wants to Be A Superhero, hereafter known as Wootbash or "that superhero show". Well, the show's gone through three episodes now and I have to admit that I wasn't really that surprised to find that this year's contestants weren't as lame as I thought they'd be. That said, there's some things I like and dislike about this season.

I like that the show seems to be running longer. What I mean by that is, in the first season they ran two eliminations an episode and the show went for six episodes. (Presumably because they wanted to do an entire season and weren't sure anyone would watch.) The result was most of the airtime was spent on challenges and we never got to really know any of the contestants. This year with the exception of the third episode there's been one elimination an ep, thus stretching it out and giving us more time to get to know the people.

The bad news is that the challenges seem to be edited more erratically. In the first season every contestant was shown one by one and so we got to really see who was doing well in what way. In this season it flashes back and forth between each contestant and it can be hard to really get a grasp on what's going on or how each person is doing.

With all that said, here's my current take on each of the cast.

The Defuser
I kinda like him, kinda don't. As a police detective (both the character and the real guy) he has a real take charge personality which I must admit I find appealing. Unfortunately, when he goes into "cop mode" he has a tendency to miss important details and he sometimes forgets that he's talking to real people. He has a tendency to treat everyone like a suspect and as a result he comes off as kind of an ass.

Ms. Limelight
I'm not sure if it was the inordinate amount of tanning or the peroxide in her hair but something fried her brain. The woman is a ditz. When Stan Lee asked about her character to get direction in designing her new costume she couldn't even name a single one of her superpowers. She was eliminated this episode for being generally cowardly and cracking under pressure like a lightbulb in a vice grip. How the hell did she even get on the show?

Hyper-Strike is the kind of guy who you're almost certain you'll hate until you actually get to know him. He's actually a pretty cool dude, even if he is as my friend says, a "yuppie ninja." Stan Lee was kind of a prick when Hyper-Strike said he didn't like his costume, which is very confusing given how upset he was at Ty'Veculus last year for lying about not liking the costume. You just can't win with Mr. Lee, can you?

I don't know much about her still. But that's because she never really does anything. Sidekick material at best.

He was eliminated because he chose to have his entire team be attacked by bees rather than intentionally misspell a word. It's kind of cool that he was willing to face his fears and stand up for truth. But still, what a dick.

I actually do really like her basic concept. Most superheroes are super wealthy and have tons of stuff, but she lives in a dumpster and has to make everything herself. Nonetheless, much like Whip-Snap she never really seems to DO anything.

Mr. Mitzvah
Kind of an interesting backstory here. Mr. Mitzvah's creater, Ivan Wilzig, is actually super-rich in real life and is semi-famous for his charity, the Peaceman Foundation. Apparently something of an eccentric, he has taken to dressing up in a cape and calling himself Peaceman. He got on the show as Peaceman but due to conflict of interests (he didn't want to give up the copyrights to Peaceman) he changed the character to Mr. Mitzvah. Surprisingly, given he's a famous charity worker, he is a humongous douchebag and was eliminated for general dickishness.

Eliminated because in a challenge to get information from a break-in victim she turned retarded and spent the entire time talking about her powers instead of, you know, HELPING. Aside from that, she was mostly just there and had no real character traits at all, much like the other ladies.

Hold on, my gaydar just exploded. We need you to turn it down a few clicks, Parthenon. We need you at a 10, right now you're at about five trillion.

I said she was this season's Fat Momma but she's not anywhere near as likable or even as interesting as Fat Momma.

That's actually another major problem this time around. I mean, what's with these people? Last time they had real character. Whatever you say or however you feel about Fat Momma you have to admit that she had a very distinct personality. The final three: Feedback, Major Victory, and Fat Momma all had very distinct personalities and very good motivations and I think most people can say they really liked them. With a few exceptions, this year all the girls are totally bland and all the guys are dicks. HOPEFULLY we'll see more character as the show progresses but as of now I can't say I really care for any of these people.

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