Saturday, August 18, 2007

WooTBASH: Week 4

It's been one season and four more weeks and it still amazes me how a bunch of real people who we're watching live somehow manage to react to the animations and greenscreen effects.

The most notable part of this episode, of course, is that Stan Lee is an amazing sellout. This episode revolved almost entirely around tracking down a villain who stole an Esurance check. They were even "aided" on the mission by short animated scenes from their mascot, Erin Esurance. Tune in next week when the Geico cavemen attempt to kill Snuggle Bear. Can our heroes stop them in time to have hamburgers with Ronald McDonald? Spoiler alert: the Hamburglar may have already stolen the burgers.

Of course, Basura went home because she ignored a woman who lost her kid. Stan, get a clue. Hiding a person who has lost a child in the crowd of people to test the heroes' heroism only works when you haven't already done in five thousand times before. Yet somehow Basura still failed. It's unfortunate, but won't get in the way of Stan Lee's master plan to create the perfect superhero by frankensteining together Basura's chest, Parthenon's ass, the Defuser's biceps, and Hyper-Strike's hair. I'm not sure where the head, torso, forearms, or legs will come from. But to complete the analogy he'll need the brain of the stupidest contestant: Ms. Limelight.

I actually find the ending teaser kind of interesting: Dr. Dark has acquired Stan Lee's DNA from his pencil, presumably so he can create Anti-Stan Lee (Eel Nats?) who will draw supervillain comics. Perhaps this will fuel the spinoff series, Who Wants to be a SuperVillain. Is it just me or would that be a way more badass show?

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