Monday, December 10, 2007

Manga Review: Not a Review of Yuu Yuu Hakusho


We get it, Hiei. You're the most powerful character in YuYu Hakusho. Ever. Godmoder.

You know, it's okay when he's doing crazy NPC stuff, like when the villain expects to win by numbers and he shows up like "oh, were those your guys I just beat up?" See, then, it's okay because he's just making the fight fair to the heroes.

He annoys me when he tries to be a hero and fight the villains, because that's when he does stupid shit like "oh, by the way I just cut your arm off and you didn't even realize it because I'm that fast."

Kurama's a godmoder too but at least he gets HURT sometimes. I don't think I've ever seen Hiei actually get hurt by an enemy. The only times he's ever been hurt was actually his own stupid fault for trying to be flashier than necesarry. Sometimes I think of stories as RPG games. And Hiei reminds me of that one character in every game that's played by the powergamer who figured out how to kill everything in one hit while still technically being at the same level as everyone else. When he gets hurt, this is the GM trying desperately to find a way to not let him kill the game. "Dude, GM, he just fried a FIRE ELEMENTAL with a giant dragon made of fire." " ruling! Your arm is broken!"

Possibly the worst part is no explanation is given for this power. Okay, Kurama's an ancient fox demon and that's why he's powerful. Genkai's an old woman who's mastered martial arts over her life time and has a tremendous understanding of ki. Yusuke is Genkai's disciple. We get that. But Hiei has been stated multiple times to be nothing special. His evil eye is something he acquired, not developed, and his most powerful move isn't even really his own power. As far as we know he's just some punk demon who woke up one day, decided "I'm gonna go beat people up today," then instantly became infinitely more powerful than any demon, human, or god ever.

And that is why I hate Hiei's character.

On an unrelated note, this review marks the first ever book/magazine review on this blog. And that is why I posted to tell you I hate Hiei's character.

EDIT: Also, as my friend pointed out, Hiei is also a cheap Vegeta knockoff. Good God, they even have the same hair. Just to be fair I also have to mention, Hiei vs. Seiryu is the only way it could've happened. They're both instant-death-or-nothing characters. Had anyone else fought Seiryu, Seiryu would have won. It had to be Hiei and it had to be immediate. That said, that does not lessen my annoyance at that gyp of a boss fight. To put it simply, I hate Hiei for the same reason I hate mindflayers in DnD. He has no other settings besides "God" and "Off."


Anonymous said...

U r a comlplete idiot

Mike M. said...

Next time you try to comment on someone's intelligence maybe you should consider not misspelling more than half the words in your post.