Friday, December 7, 2007

Video Game Review: Jewel Summoner

Today's game is Monster Kingdom: Jewel Summoner, an RPG where you capture and control monsters, similar to Pokemon. Unlike Pokemon, Jewel Summoner really sucks.

The story is rather decent if not cliched. I'd like the angst to be turned down, of course. "Tch" is not a sentence. It's not even a thought. Gameplay and presentation is where they lose all the marbles, though.

The art is rather good, admittedly, but all of your attacks look the same. How many times do I need to look at the same burst of fire/water/ice/whatever? Sound and music are okay. At least 75% of the game is voice acted, save for interactions with random townsfolk which are text. Problem? They fall short on the voice acting a LOT. It's passable at best and terrible at worst. Video game makers, listen to me. The Zelda games have never used voice acting and they're still good. Voice acting is good, but not a neccesity. If you can't do it right then just don't bother.

The monsters on display here are uninspired and rather lame. There's not a hint of the variety seen in Pokemon or even Dragon Warrior Monsters. We've got several varieties of kirin, a few dragons, some wolves... a caterpillar... turtles... come on. Even Dragon Warrior Monsters does better than that.

On the topic of gameplay, what's up with the lag? Making a crappy game is one thing, but seriously what's the deal? Video game lag is forgivable sometimes; a high-end game ported to a handheld is one thing, as is a computer game where the specs for every system are different so programmers have no choice but to guess at what sort of resources they'll be dealing with. But this is a PSP only game. The programmers KNEW what the capabilities of the system they'd be dealing with were and purposefully designed a game that the system couldn't handle.

KR Rating from The Future: [2] BAD

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