Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Youtube Idiot Review: Sedalb

We all know there's idiots on YouTube. Today I'd like to take the time to pay special honor to a special person in what will possibly become a regular feature here.

Let it be known that I do not mine for idiots, but when I come across them I've got to say something. So here is today's idiot!

Comment on the official teaser for Duke Nukem Forever:

Fuck yea!!!

The Duke never disappoints, the most badass VG character is back. That's right, more badass then Kratos, Cloud, and Master chief put together!

While this one post could likely give me an entire month of updates (especially given how often I update) I'll try to hold back.

Sedalb. The Duke disappointed us for TEN YEARS. Or did you forget that? And most badass? Please. I mean, maybe among your examples.

Kratos? Kratos is a badass. That's why I'm going to assume he doesn't mean the God of War version and is instead referring to Kratos Aurion from Tales of Symphonia. Sure that takes us in the wrong direction but it's funnier.

Cloud is the biggest bitchboy ever put in a video game. Do I even need to explain why? At least he didn't say Vincent. Not that Vincent's not a badass, but we want to avoid cliches.

And Master Chief. Again, not that MC isn't a badass but that's your third example? If you're trying to name hardcore video game heroes you suck AND fail. Kratos I could see. Cloud not at all. But by the time you say Master Chief then you're just blatantly dropping names at random.

Let it be recorded for posterity. The main character from Doom RIPS AND TEARS Duke Nukem a new one based solely on the Doom comic. And Sedalb is STILL A MORON.

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