Monday, February 18, 2008

Video Game Review: Hey, It's More Greatest Hits!

This time it's a repost of the Guilty Gear Isuka review from the old website. Enjoy!

Yes, it's another Guilty Gear game, the sequel to Guilty Gear XX, in fact. To those who were participating in the argument over wether it'd be called Guilty Gear XXX or Guilty Gear #Reload Slash, you're all wrong. No, the newest GG game's useless tag is Isuka, a japanese bird which Sammy says represents their taking the series into a whole new direction. By which they mean, "all new ways to say 'f**k you, American.'"

What the Hell happened, Sammy? Guilty Gear X2 was so good and this game I mean, don't get me wrong. I like the new characters, and I really like how Robo-Ky isn't just Ky with a green face anymore. But that's about where the good parts end.

The most obvious change? The new GG Boost mode. This is a side-scrolling Final Fight style beat em up pitting you against hordes of junk. Seriously, the fighters you face here are called junk (well, at least when you translate it to english, which Sammy didn't bother to do...AGAIN), which I have to admit is almost clever. Of course, all this really means is all new ways for the AI to be completely cheap, like moving a half a step up to dodge all your attacks, standing over traps where you can't reach them, or just running away from you until the timer reaches zero. Oh, and continues? Yeah right.

The next difference is in Arcade mode. Whereas in X2, you moved through a series of fights until you finally won in here you can't really win the fights. Instead, you simply go until your "survival level" goes up a certain number, then the game yells out "Here comes daredevil!" and you go into another fight. (I think they wanted to make the whole game feel as much like a peyote dream as possible. Mission accomplished.) At the end of it all you fight Leopaldon, a giant yeti thing that pretty much kills you instantly and can only be hurt by aerial attacks. Yeah. F**k you too, Sammy.

Guilty Gear Isuka is a combination of nonsensical and lame single player modes, uber-cheap AI, and god-moded bosses all coming together to mock a series that I once saw as the greatest fighting game series right after Mortal Kombat...and possibly Soul Calibur. Anyway, the question is, what more could you want? A story mode? Keep dreaming, bitch.

Presentation: 4/5
The anime style sprites are really nice and provide a unique style that compliments the uniqueness of the story and characters nicely. Backgrounds are also top notch and the music and sound effects are decent.

Gameplay: 3/5
Making a pale imitation of a once great game is a trespass that I can almost forgive. But taking out Instant Kill? I'll see you in Hell, Sammy.

Multiplayer: 5/5
Guilty Gear Isuka allows for up to four people to play simultaneously, but only if you own a multitap. Still, this is good, since the uber-cheapness of the AI and lameness of the single player modes means playing against your friends in multiplayer is the best part of this game. Fortunately, it is not only the best part but it's also totally awesome and is the one saving grace that makes this game worth buying. Unless you're like me and all your friends think this game is stupid and nerdy. Sigh...

KR Rating from The Future: [3] MEDIOCRE

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