Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jack Chick Out Of Context

While those of you who have 90% of your brain intact doubtlessly know who Jack Chick is, for the rest he is a famous "evangelical" "Christian" "artist" who may or may not all be an elaborate joke. He's famous for hating everyone and everything and for taking Bible quotes ridiculously out of context to prove his point. Well, two can play at that game. If Jack can take lines from the Bible out of context to prove that God hates people who help their fellow man then I can take his work out of context to prove...not much of anything really. But it might be funny.

Let's go!

"Hey, Alice, do you hear something behind us?"

"No, Bob. Why?"

"No reason. Just feel like there's something behind us."

Throwing Lucifer out and insulting him on his birthday? That's just mean. What did he ever do to you? I mean, aside from birthing all the evil in the world.

"Grandma! But...but you're dead!"

"No, child. That's just what I wanted you to think, and now that you've fallen for my ploy it is you who shall die!"

"It is with great pleasure I introduce a famous new age healer: Smugs McConehead!"

"Thank you, ma'am, but I prefer to be called The Healer Formerly Known As No-Necked Hideous Facial Scar. Now, which of you kids wants to get molested?"

*every hand goes up*

It doesn't matter how much you like to watch them, Tommy. Let little Susie and Buffy out of the basement before I tell your parents!


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