Saturday, April 24, 2010

Word Verification For Commenting Now Active

Up until now I've tried to avoid using what I see as a very annoying part of the internet. Unfortunately, the blog has recently seen an infestation of spam bots including a whopping TWENTY SEVEN (!!) spam posts under the article about Video Game Murders. That's more than the comments on every other article combined.

(And oh, yeah, bots? Posting your spam in Japanese won't trick me. I have IM Translator bookmarked, ya bitches. Incidentally, I'm still unsure if the gibberish it spit back at me is the result of Translation Train Wreck, or because even in the magical future world of Japan bots still can't fucking talk right.)

I'm still in the process of deleting the spam, but to prevent future bot infestation I have turned on word image verification for all comment posting. I have also begun sending robot assassins in the guise of muscular Austrians back in time to kill Alan Ralsky, but until one of them succeeds the word verification will have to remain active.

I apologize for the inconvenience this will cause the two people who occasionally post comments on my blog.

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