Wednesday, March 2, 2011

You Decide! Which YouTube Idiot Is Stupider?

YouTube and idiocy are pretty much synonymous with each other. Still, there are some that stand out above the rest like finding a diamond in a mountain of solid gold, or a rat trap cleverly hidden in a pile of dog shit.

What we have here is the double rainbow of shit: two comments of such superfluous badness that even one could fuel a month of blog posts. But which is worse? It's hard to decide, which is why I'm going to force you to do it for me.

So, which of these two comments is more stupid, fear-mongering, and ignorant? Is it this stunning critique of Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish?

"Wow. I don't have a lot to say about this. Excuse me but nothing but satanic crap. I found my youngest daughter listening to this band, and now that I've looked even deeper into them, I know that this is nothing a pop goth band crying for attention that should keep their mouth off the word of god, and my 15 year old daughter!"
Because a song lamenting the evil in the world is totally comparable to Gorgoroth.

Or is it this response to the above comment? (Forgiving the bad grammar, because I don't think english is her first language.)

"omg! You're could get in really serious trouble posing as 43 woman,U Saying you're have daughter, that's really mess up! That's not really your pic, I'm going to report you'd to FBI. It's People like you're that play Sick games. Like the Death Megan Meier because of that woman was posing like boy made her commit suicide. I take this very serious! it's trolls like you'd should all belong in jail, grow up assholes, I'm not going report. if you lose the act."
Because being 43 on the internet is a felony, apparently.

Post your answers in the comments, or just e-mail them to IDon't@Really.Care.

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Introbulus said...

Honestly? These two go so well together, you should do an entire article comparing the two to each other. Seriously, they say more about the problem with internet posts and trolling together than either one would say alone.