Sunday, May 1, 2011

Banner Ad Review: Shmuck Bait

You know, banner ads are the kind of thing that -in theory- wouldn't be so bad if done properly. After all, ads are a major source of revenue for TV shows and websites, so maybe putting up with a little irritation in the name of supporting your favorite site wouldn't be so bad.

That's probably what the makers of this ad had in mind.

So yeah, it's pretty obvious, but just how bad is it? Let's look at just how much is stupid about this.

1. The amazingly subtle and understated use of an ass to represent absolutely everyone who uses AdBlock. As any political cartoonist will tell you, nothing converts people to your way of thinking quite like openly insulting them.

2. But wait, blocking ads is an inherently evil act that makes you a jackass and will provoke small animals into attacking you...and yet they only want you to disable your adblocker for specific websites? That's like saying "Murdering Jews makes Santa cry...unless you're Japanese. Click here to find out how you can become Japanese."

3. The cats. Of COURSE there are cats. "Cats are one of those 'mee-mee' things internet types are all into, right? Yeah, let's throw some of those in there. That's sure to get the little buttsuckers' attention."

4. Supporting a website I enjoy by putting up with ads WOULD be worthwhile if it weren't for the fact that roughly 100% of all banner ads are either trojan horse viruses, attempts at phishing credit card information, or useless knockoff bullshit that looks like someone spent more time on the ads than they did on the product.

5. This isn't even really a product. Everyone already knows how to disable AdBlock for certain websites. If they don't, well then they can find out in five seconds.

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