Tuesday, August 9, 2011

OWGH: Timesplitters Future Perfect

As my way of apologizing for missing or stretching my last several weekly updates, the three people who read this blog get an extra post this week. Because I'm lazy, though, it's another edition of the old website's greatest hits.

Originally, I was going to repost my first review ever, for Icewind Dale 2, but I unfortunately hit a snag when I realized that review sucked. Instead, you get a repost of my review for Timesplitters: Future Perfect.


Obviously there is something desperately wrong with me. I know this because I actually went out and bought this game, even after the maddening horror that was Timesplitters 2. I'm obviously either a masochist, dangerously stupid, or more likely both.

Or maybe I'm just morbidly curious. Who knows?

Fortunately, my fears were alleviated almost immediately. Future Perfect is an awesome game and definitely much better than its awful predecessor. How did this happen? Mostly, there's a new developer: EA Games. In fact, I have totally unreliable testimony from a halfwit who claims with no proof that he worked for TS2 developer Eidos saying that the reason Timesplitters 2 sucked so hard was because frankly Eidos just didn't give a damn about the franchise so didn't put any effort into it. It would certainly explain a lot, but then again I got that information from a GameFAQs user. To protect his identity, I have code-named him "Curve Ball."

Anyway, back to this particular game. EA Games decided to actually explain the plot for us, as well as, thankfully, letting us know just what the Hell was going on in the last game. In a change from TS2 you actually control Cortez through this game, rather than jumping into other people. This, of course, means we actually get to have cut scenes and interaction between characters. You even get to hang out with your future self on occasion. Don't worry, it'll all make sense when you play the game.

All things considered, my only real complaint is that they took out the Wild West and Cyber Punk eras from TS2.

Presentation: 5/5
The presentation is perfect. Graphics are great, sound is great. No real complaints here.

Gameplay: 4/5
The gameplay is also great. The game is a load of fun, with many unique and interesting weapons, challenging enemies, and decent A.I. Unfortunately, the gameplay only gets a four because Cortez still hasn't learned how to jump.

Multiplayer: 5/5
Honestly, the only way the multiplayer could get any better is if you could design your own maps and scenarios to play in using some kind of map editor. Oh wait, you can do that! Sweet!

KR Rating (from the FUTURE): 5 GREAT

Sadly, this was also to be the last Timesplitters game, one final hurrah to end the series. I guess it's just as well. Not every game needs to be a series. Future Perfect is, well, perfect all on its own. One could argue it doesn't even strictly need the first two games either. Really, it's not that I'd like to see another Timesplitters. I think this game wrapped up the story very nicely.

Rather, I'd like to see more games like Future Perfect. You know, a game with more than two hours of content, a game that has a serious story yet doesn't take itself too seriously, and where "weapon variety" doesn't mean "fifty assault rifles, six pistols, three shotguns, and a token rocket launcher just to shut you up."

If you're one of the many people who still have a Playstation 2 (or if you're one of the PS3 owners lucky enough to have a backward compatible system) Future Perfect is a must-have. It's a solid game and personally I believe it still stands up even when compared to modern shooters.

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