Friday, January 11, 2013

Action 52 Owns: Jigsaw Remake

This is part 3 of my Action 52 Owns review. You can find other parts of the series at my Action 52 Owns post tag, here.

Jigsaw is one of the games in this remake which I must say I was quite curious about. In the original Action 52 it was meant to be a jigsaw puzzle game, but when the inexperienced developers couldn't figure out how to do that they made it into a Mario-style platformer instead. Would the update be the same, or would it be the puzzle game it was originally intended to be?

It turns out it's the first one. While it's not my favorite (sorry, that title still goes to Illuminator) Jigsaw is easily the best platformer in the bunch. The whole game just looks and feels completely polished. Take a look at this screenshot and tell me you couldn't imagine this being a real game on the Super Nintendo, or the Gameboy Advance:

Speaking of Nintendo, have you ever wondered what the point is of Mario's backstory saying he used to be a plumber? It's not relevant to his games at all, it doesn't grant him any special abilities. In Jigsaw your main character's status as a carpenter actually does matter. See those nails in the wall in that screenshot? I fired those. Jigsaw Guy's nail gun can be used as a weapon, you can fire nails into the wall to jump on to reach high places, or you can even use them to activate switches.

All in all, Jigsaw is a very fun game with an interesting gameplay mechanic and a lot of really cool puzzle solving. My only real problem with this game is the same problem I have with most of these games: it's way too short. I know that Illuminator was short too, but it wasn't nearly as short as this; Jigsaw is extremely short, even for being part of a compilation. On my first playthrough I beat the game in about an hour. On my next playthrough, knowing how to solve all of the puzzles, it took me about ten minutes. I would love to see this stretched out into something a little longer, or even into a full game. As it stands, however, it's still worth taking a look at.

KR Rating: [4] GOOD

You can go ahead and download Jigsaw from this link here.

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